ALOR SETAR: Many creative and innovative ways can be used to express one’s patriotism and love for the country in conjunction with the National month celebrations.

Asyraf Hashim, 29, who operates an eatery in Kota Sarang Semut, near here created ‘Zinger Gemilang’, a Jalur Gemilang-themed burger to enliven the National month.

It has the same colour as the Jalur Gemilang, the result of a combination of red or blue buns, cheese (yellow), and mayonnaise (white).

And to make it more interesting, each burger comes in a box printed with the Malaysian flag.

“This is the second year we are offering this.

“As Malaysians, we want to enliven the National month celebrations and from there the idea to create the Zinger Gemilang burger came to mind.

“We make these burger buns ourselves. They are freshly baked every day using permitted food colouring and customers can choose whether to have red or blue buns with chicken or beef patties,” he told Bernama yesterday.

According to Asyraf, aside from the colour of the burger buns, customers also love the unique flavour of the sauce that he uses to marinade the patties.

“Besides that, we also put meat crackers and mozzarella cheese in the filling, which gives our burgers a sensational taste,” he said.

Each burger is being sold at RM9.90 for the next two weeks beginning Friday, he said, adding that if the response is good, the ‘Zinger Gemilang’ will remain on the menu until Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

“We will continue to sell this burger every year in conjunction with National Day with some changes.

“Last year, the chicken burger was red and blue. This year, it’s the buns and there might be another surprise next year,” he said.