KOTA KINABALU: Political candidates in Sabah are stressing the importance of voting and selecting the future governance of the country through their campaign activities.

They are making use of the campaign walkabouts, talks and social media platforms to encourage and urge voters to turn out in full force.

Putatan Umno candidate Datuk Shahelmey Yahya said as per all his campaign programmes so far, the one issue that he would not forget to mention was the importance of turning up to vote on polling day.“We keep stressing how important their votes are in determining the country’s future for the next five years. They should vote wisely if they want stability and prosperity,” he said.

DAP’s Sandakan candidate Vivian Wong said apart from using the usual means of talks and walkabouts to get closer to voters, as well as making full use of social media platforms to attract a variety of supporters, they were also looking at ways to help bring voters out to vote.

“We are also looking for NGOs who are willing to help ferry voters to their voting stations, because like in Sandakan, the area is big and many may not have transport or financial means to come out on polling day,” she said.

Amanda Yeo, the Parti Warisan candidate for Kota Kinabalu, said she used a mixed strategy to attract and encourage voters to fulfil their responsibilities and get her campaign messages across.

For the elder generation, she said, it was important that they see and have personal interaction such as meeting up during walkabouts whereas the younger voters were more interactive on social media platforms.

Kota Kinabalu Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) candidate Yee Tsai Yiew said complaining alone would not be enough if voters had something to say or wished to see changes.

“It is only by voting and ensuring that a capable candidate wins the election can they expect the desired results,” she added.

For Sabah STAR, one of the methods it is using to attract more voters is by highlighting the struggles of party president Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, the Keningau incumbent.

Rizal Johari, the party’s assistant secretary-general, said Kitingan’s fight for the rights of Sabah and its people should be told and explained to the people.

“Young voters may not know what he has done for Sabah and his constituents. He continues to fight for Sabah and Sabahans.

“So we want voters in Keningau to go out to vote for him because no matter what people say, he has performed as an MP and is proven to be a consistent and strong fighter for Sabah’s rights.

“His work is not finished. He needs strength and support from the people,” Rizal said.