PETALING JAYA: A new social security scheme for women has been welcomed, especially by those who cannot afford to buy personal insurance coverage.

Housewife Visithra Alagan, 42, said that she is looking forward to being a part of the Housewives Social Security Scheme (SKSSR) due to its affordability.

“As a B40 family, it is very difficult for us to buy a personal insurance policy and pay for it every month as it could be very expensive.

“With this scheme’s one-time payment of RM120 for a whole year, I think my husband could easily afford it,” she added.

Visithra emphasised the importance of the scheme for women like herself.

“I have been injured several times at home, including once when my hand was sprained badly while cleaning and I couldn’t go to the doctor due to financial constraints.

“With this scheme, however, I think that many women, particularly widows and single mothers who have been injured doing household chores and cannot afford treatment due to the high cost, will be able to obtain protection,” she said.

Maimunah Mustapa, 49, said although she does not have full details of the scheme, she was eager to register for it, given how she spent much of her time alone at home.“I was unaware of it at first, but now that I have heard about it, I am curious to learn more because I think it would be very beneficial for me.

“My children live in different states, and my husband works out of town frequently, so if anything were to happen, it’s good to know that there is a scheme to protect me,” said the housewife.

Under the SKSSR, husbands can choose to pay the contribution for their wives, which amounts to RM120, to the Social Security Organisation (Socso) to be protected for 12 months.

A business manager who only identified herself as Chong said having the scheme in place would allow her to carry out household chores with peace of mind.

“Initially, I thought only housewives would benefit from this but knowing that working women are also eligible, I am interested in registering.

“It also adds another layer of security for me, seeing how I already have personal insurance as well,” said the mother of two.

Academic assistant K. John, 33, is considering registering his mother under the scheme.

“My mother is active at work and at home.

“She takes care of the family and enrolling in this scheme would ensure she is protected while carrying out household chores,” he said.