A MAN in New Delhi shot his daughter to death before dumping her body with his wife’s help because their child had married out of their caste, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Police found the young woman’s body stuffed in a large suitcase next to a highway in the Indian capital.

The authorities then formed a task force to hunt for her suspected killer following a public outcry and eventually identified the deceased as 22-year-old Ayusha Yadhav.

The police brought in her parents Nithesh Yadhav and Prajbala to identify her body and question them.

When the parents gave conflicting answers about their daughter’s disappearance, the police became suspicious and grilled them further.

Eventually, Nithesh admitted that Ayusha returned home a few days ago and declared that she had married her boyfriend, who is from a different caste.

A livid Nithesh then beat her up badly at their home. Not satisfied by this, he retrieved his gun and shot her dead.

He and Prajbala wrapped the daughter’s body in plastic, stuffed her in the suitcase and dumped it by the highway.

Such murders in which family members kill mainly women who are deemed to have brought dishonour to the family by marrying into other castes, especially lower ones, are termed “honour killings”.

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