OSCAR-WINNING director Ang Lee (pic) was in Johor Baru where he enjoyed a bowl of bak kut teh recently, China Press reported.

Lee, who celebrated his 68th birthday last month, went largely unnoticed by fans during his time at the restaurant.

However, the shop owner later posted a photo on a Facebook group of himself alongside the filmmaker.

“Visited by Ang Lee and his team, and witnessing them finishing everything on the table is a great motivation for me,” the owner wrote.

Lee, who often keeps a low profile, is known for his films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain, Hulk, Life of Pi and Lust, Caution.

He became the first non-white person to win the 2006 Academy Award for best director for Brokeback Mountain. He won the Oscar again for Life of Pi in 2012.

> Jackie Cheung, who is Hong Kong’s God of Songs, was a surprise guest at veteran entertainer Bowie Wu’s concert, stunning everyone by kowtowing to the old-timer.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Cheung appeared on stage just as Wu, 90, was about to begin Love Is Eternal, one of Cheung’s signature songs.

Fans cheered on as Cheung, 61, knelt before Wu, who is his godfather.

The gesture moved Wu to tears.

“I have not kowtowed to anyone in a long time apart from my wife. I wish you a long life and good health,” Cheung said.

He also remarked that he would thank his lucky stars if he could still walk and perform on stage when he is 90.

Wu continued his show by having duets with Cheung and actor Nick Cheung, who is also his godson.

Wu, who began his acting career in 1953, shot to stardom with his debut film Men’s Hearts.

He remained a much loved and respected elder in Hong Kong’s show business.

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