IPOH: They have been friends since they were 12.

Fifteen years later, Chan Kai Wei and Chow Ji Kay tied the knot on a momentous date.

Chan, an enforcement officer who works in Singapore, said they chose to marry on “22/2/22” as it was a “once in a lifetime” date.

“The arrangement of this date, regardless from the front or the back, is repetitive.

“We also chose this date as there are eight ‘twos’, consisting of the second month of the year, on the 22nd, the year 2022 and today is also the 22nd in the Lunar calendar,” he said when met during a mass wedding registration ceremony at the Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association Hall here.

Chan said he first met Chow, a designer who is also based in Singapore, at a tuition centre in Menglembu here.

“As our schools would occasionally hold co-curricular activities together, we got to meet up often.

“Our friendship slowly grew into something more and I am happy that we are together even though we have had our shares of ups and downs throughout the years,” he said, adding that he proposed to Chow last year.

They were among 56 couples who took part in yesterday’s ceremony.

Another couple, 29-year-old manager Tong Kok Leong and fitness instructor Hah Siaw Jun, 35, said they chose the date as it was easy to remember.

“Later during our 10th or 20th anniversary, it will be easier for us to remember the date. We have been in a relationship for over three years and I’m glad we get to be married on this special date.

“We don’t mind getting married in a mass wedding like this as long as we get to have this unique date,” said Tong.

Tang Shi Ni, 32, a restaurant manager who solemnised her wedding vows to Loh Yoke Jun, 31, said they planned their wedding just three months ago.

“We chose this date as it symbolises good fortunes,” she added.

Association president Datuk Ooi Foh Sing said many couples chose to get married on this date as the sequence of numbers was meaningful.

“Today is Tuesday, which is the second day of the week and the date is Feb 22, 2022.

“In the Lunar calendar, today is also the 22nd, so there are nine twos,” he said.

“Nine times two is 18, when translated in Chinese, means prosperity and good fortunes.

“So I hope all the couples will have a good life and will love each other forever,” he added.

Ooi said the ceremony was among the largest mass weddings held at the premises since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

“We were supposed to have 60 couples but four had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

“We have couples staying outside of Perak and overseas returning home just to get married,” he added.