PETALING JAYA: While the Covid-19 Omicron variant may be holding back the school holiday plans of many, some are determined to go ahead with what they want to do.Teacher Sulastri Abdul Aziz, 41, from Shah Alam, said her family planned to take advantage of the school break from yesterday to March 20, with a trip to Penang.

She said the plan would be on unless her husband or any one of her four children fell ill.

“We will try hard to keep away from crowds and after we return, we will try to stay at home just to be sure.

“I will need to find some indoor activities for them while in the evening, I will bring them to a tennis court,” she said, adding that all her children had been vaccinated.

Hareinraaj Tharmalingam, 17, from Taman Ampang Jaya, plans to use the break to work and get his driver’s licence.

“The holidays are a great time to earn some money. While I am waiting for my SPM exam, I might as well make good the time I have. By working, I can pay for my driver’s licence,” he added.

He said for those not vaccinated yet, this would be a good time to do so.

In Penang, IT engineer V. Ashokumar, 38, speaking to reporters while getting his nine-year-old daughter vaccinated, said the family was planning a family trip to Ipoh during the school holidays.

“We have been limiting our outings to places which are not so crowded for the safety of our children. Since my daughter will have her first dose now, I feel better about it.

“I will arrange for a date for my six-year-old son to be vaccinated as well,” he said.

Insurance executive Farah Hazwani Othman, 37, who took her three children aged seven, eight and 10 for their first doses, said she would feel reassured to take them out.

“We have not travelled in a long time and might make a trip to Kuala Lumpur during the school break. We always make plans and then drop them because of the number of cases and also the children have not been vaccinated.

“Usually, our travels are in Penang or to Kedah. At home, they play games together or watch TV,” she said.

Farah said although her children missed going out, they knew the danger which made it easier to keep them at home.