PETALING JAYA: The Opposition will only reveal the name of the candidate it has identified as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman when the time comes, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin (pic).

“We have a few names but the (motion on parliamentary) select committees will only be tabled next week,” said the Opposition Leader.

“That’s when I am going to sit down with the government because I do not know the criteria, and what kind of people that they will allow.

“We have got a few names who I think are good people, professional (and who) understand procedures. These are the kinds of people we are going to propose not only for the PAC but also as members of parliamentary select committees,” he said.

On the promise of an equal allocation for Opposition MPs, Hamzah said they had yet to receive anything.

“There is none so far. If they give, we will be thankful. But if they don’t want to give, we will tell the people why and on what grounds.

“They were the ones who had asked for it (when they were in the Opposition) and even included it in their manifesto. We will let the people question them,” he added.

On the re-tabling of Budget 2023, he said: “We are going to scrutinise it (and) tell them that it is the wrong way and approach. These are the kinds of thing we are trying to say. But if you want to work, we should work together for the country’s betterment.

“We are going to give our solutions during our debates.”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar had earlier said the focus of Budget 2023, which will be re-tabled on Feb 24, would be on digital advancement, small and medium enterprises and the green economy.

The previous administration tabled the Budget on Oct 7 last year, involving an allocation of RM372.3bil, but this was not debated as Parliament was dissolved on Oct 10.