UNABLE to bear a tearful farewell, Malaysian singer Victor Wong left his home in Taiwan quietly to return to Malaysia while his children were still asleep, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The 50-year-old father of two wrote that he broke his promise that he would wake them up 15 minutes before he left for the airport at 7am on May 31.

“I know I made a promise, but I could not bear it (a tearful farewell).

“Moreover, I did not want to appear at the airport with swollen eyes,” he said.

However, Wong managed to spend quality time with his family the night before, celebrating his son’s ninth birthday.

“Dear son. You are now nine years old.

“It’s lucky that I got to celebrate your birthday before I fly back to Malaysia. Nine years have passed so quickly!

“Looking at you, I feel you are now a young man,” he said.

His younger child Vivian is eight years old.

Wong, who has not returned to Malaysia for more than three years, will be back due to his role as one of the judges in 8TV’s Family Singing Show.

Originally from Selangor, Wong debuted in 1995 as a duo with Michael Wong from Ipoh.

The two pursued separate solo careers in 2000 and have made a name for themselves in the Taiwan music scene.

> A woman in China’s Anhui province threw a tantrum and knocked down a pail filled with bamboo leaves and glutinous rice, both of which were ingredients for dumplings, after failing to grab enough of them during a dumpling-making event, reported China Press.

She was believed to be frustrated after failing to hold as much glutinous rice and leaves as other participants.

A video of the incident went viral online, which garnered heavy criticisms against the woman.

The event was reportedly held to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, which fell yesterday this year.

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