PUTRAJAYA: There has been no significant disruption to the supply of medicine with the active ingredient of paracetamol for fever and mild pain, vitamin C as well as cough and cold medicine in the market, says the Health Ministry.

“This is because most of the products have alternatives from various brands,” said the ministry’s senior director of pharmaceutical services Norhaliza A. Halim in a statement yesterday, to clarify news reports of an alleged shortage of medicine.

According to media reports, there is a shortage in the supply of pharmaceutical products involving medicine for treating fever, cold, cough and sore throat; antibiotics; painkillers; and medicine for treating the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease.

Norhaliza said there was a sharp increase in the demand for several kinds of medicine, such as products with the active ingredient of paracetamol for fever and mild pains; vitamin C; as well as cough and cold medicine for children, Bernama reported.

She said this was the feedback from pharmaceutical industry players during a meeting with the Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries, Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia and Malaysia Association of Pharmaceutical Suppliers on Thursday.

“Manufacturers have also increased their production capacity to meet the high demand,” she said.

The ministry, said Norhaliza, was seeking feedback from the industry on the actual status of the supply of medicine produced in Malaysia or imported, as well as related issues.

She said every issue would be examined through constant communication between the ministry and industry to ensure the continuity of quality, safe and effective medicine for Malaysians.