PETALING JAYA: YouTube awarded mStar’s video platform the Golden Creator Award after it successfully reached one million subscribers in August.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, in her letter of appreciation to mStar, said that the recognition would inspire the portal to produce more content that was meaningful to people.

“We hope this special recognition will inspire you and remind you how much your portal means to so many people.

“We know this achievement is one of many that you have achieved, with others to come,” she said in a letter and plaque which mStar received yesterday.

In March 2014, mStar received recognition from YouTube in the form of the Silver Creator Award when the portal gained 100,000 subscribers.

Susan also said that she can’t wait to see mStar’s future achievements because it is something special and meaningful.

“You are part of a group of dynamic creators who are building a new media company for the next generation.

“Every day, you redefine how content is created and watched, one voice and one video at a time.

“It’s a great privilege to be a part of your journey.

“We can’t wait to see what you do next,” she said.

Meanwhile, mStar editor-in-chief, Niezam Abdullah said the shift in user preferences is an opportunity for mStar to focus on delivering content through digital media, especially in video form.

He noted that the milestone proves that the videos produced are meeting the tastes of mStar’s audience.

“After changing the content from news to entertainment and lifestyle, the portal not only showed extraordinary achievement in the number of views for its video content, it also had a positive effect in the rise of readership and followers on social media platforms,” he said.

In addition to YouTube, which recorded more than 1 million subscribers, mStar’s Facebook platform currently has 1.2 million followers, Instagram (1.2 million), Twitter (235,500), while the TikTok application recorded 587,500 followers.

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