Compiled by C. ARUNO and FAZLEENA AZIZ

RICHELL Lee from the all-girl group Four Golden Princess gave birth to a boy after getting hitched just over a year ago, reported Sin Chew Daily.

She revealed on Instagram that she gave birth on Feb 1 to Winston Lim Jin Chen.

“I will be good during my confinement month as I like the food. However, I feel it will be challenging to look after the baby and myself at the same time. (Even so), all will be well,” she wrote.

Lee, 32, and her boyfriend Lim Kian Sheng registered their marriage in December 2021.

The couple held a wedding reception late last year, which brought all four members of the band to the same place again.

She was known as Hong Er during her time with the group, which disbanded in 2008.

The Four Golden Princess was a popular local band among children in the 1990s.

> A man invited a lion dance troupe to perform at his house but later threw firecrackers at them, reported Sin Chew Daily.

A video shared online showed lit firecrackers being lobbed at the performers dressed in lion dance costumes, startling them and forcing them to retreat.

Apparently, this was not the first time that the homeowner had done something like this.

According to a troupe member who uploaded the video, the incident happened at Taman Sutera, Labuan, where the troupe was hired to perform at the man’s house.

He claimed that the homeowner had done something similar a few years ago, which resulted in someone getting hurt.

“First of all, we are thankful that you invited our lion dance troupe to your house to perform.

“We told you not to throw firecrackers at our performers as your action caused a child from our troupe to be injured. Despite having agreed to our condition, how do you explain what happened in the video?” he wrote.

The troupe member claimed that the houseowner defended himself when being told off, saying that his action did not harm anyone.

After the video went viral, many Internet users criticised the owner, adding that the lion troupe should blacklist him from now.

Others urged them to report the matter to the authorities.

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