KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 37,295 people from 10,944 families are at 233 flood relief centres (PPS) in the flood-hit states of Kelantan, Selangor, Pahang, Negri Sembilan and Melaka as of yesterday, according to the Welfare Department’s Info Bencana app.

The number of flood victims in Kelantan continued to register a decrease as of 8am yesterday, with 681 victims from 218 families, compared with 685 victims from 222 families on Saturday, all being sheltered at five PPS in Pasir Mas.

The five PPS are SK Tok Deh, SK Gual Periok, SK Kubang Kual, PPS Putat Tujoh and Masjid Mukim Padang Licin, Bernama reported.

According to the Drainage and Irrigation Department’s (DID) official flood information portal at https://publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my, the water levels of all major rivers in Kelantan did not exceed the danger level, with only two rivers at alert level – Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas, and Sungai Kelantan in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas.

In Selangor, the Info Bencana app registered a decrease in the total number of victims, down to 16,579 at 86 PPS yesterday, compared to 16,743 at 87 PPS on Saturday night.

Selangor police said as of 4am yesterday, seven roads in six districts were still submerged and closed to vehicles, among them the Dengkil-Banting FT 31 bridge (Sepang); the bridge leading to the Subang shooting range because of damage; and Jalan PJU 7 in front of the Mutiara Damansara MRT station (Petaling Jaya) due to potholes.

Also closed are the Kuala Selangor-Bestari Jaya road (Kuala Selangor); Jalan BRP 7/2 in Bukit Rahman Putra (Sungai Buloh); and Jalan Genting Peras-Kuala Klawang in Kajang.

However, Jalan Kuala Kubu Baru-Bukit Fraser towards Peretak (Hulu Selangor) is now open to light vehicles only.

In Pahang, the Info Bencana app reported that the number of flood victims yesterday was at 19,839 people at 137 relief centres.

The districts still affected by the floods are Bentong, Temerloh, Bera, Maran, Kuantan and Pekan.

Meanwhile, the publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my website reported that the water levels at both Sungai Pahang at Lubuk Paku and Sungai Kundang have gone below the danger level.

In Negri Sembilan, state Civil Defence Force director Lt-Kol (PA) Mohd Syukri Madnor said the number of flood victims in the state had dropped to 152 individuals from 44 families compared to 203 victims from 56 families on Saturday.

He said four PPS were still open in Jelebu.

In Melaka, the number of flood victims continues on the downward trend with 26 victims from eight families at 8am yesterday compared with 29 victims involving nine families on Saturday night.

State Civil Defence Force director Lt-Kol (PA) Cuthbert John Martin Quadra said only one PPS remained open, at SK Penghulu Benteng in Jasin.

“All the victims are placed at the Alor Gajah, PPS while other PPS have been closed,” he said in a statement.