PETALING JAYA: MCA respects the wishes of Sam Ke Ting’s family in refusing assistance from any political party.

However, three lawyers from MCA will still attend the hearing of her application for a stay of execution pending the appeal against her conviction and sentence at the Court of Appeal, to show their concern.

In a joint statement, MCA Civil Society Movement Coordination Bureau chairman Ng Kian Nam, MCA Youth leader Ryan Ho Kwok Xheng and MCA Youth Civil Society Movement Coordination Bureau chairman Heng Zhi Li said they will continue to closely monitor the case.

“We are ready to provide legal counsel or viewpoints at any time.

“In the interest of justice, it is our hope that Sam is able to raise reasonable doubt on the High Court judgment on her case in the appeal process,” they said.

On Wednesday, Sam, 27, was sentenced to six years’ jail and fined RM6,000 for causing the deaths of eight teenagers on modified bicycles in Johor Baru at 3.20am on Feb 18, 2017.

High Court judge Justice Abu Bakar Katar, who meted out the sentence, did not grant a stay of execution as requested by Sam’s lawyer Muhammad Faizal Mokhtar.