GEORGE TOWN: With the clock counting down towards 2022, the wish-list of many Malaysians has something in common: a better economy and a stable political climate amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Drinks stall owner Hasniza Amin, 40, said with the pandemic already ravaging lives and threatening economic progress, she hoped to see improvements in the political scenario.

“A good and solid government is essential for economic recovery and growth.

“We are already suffering so much from the pandemic,” she said, adding that a stable government would attract more investments and bring progress to the economy.

“For myself, I hope to see better business,” she said when met at the Bayan Baru Market here recently.

Human resources executive L. Davanees, 34, said his New Year wish would be to see an economic revival and a complete end to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I really hope that this pandemic will conclude in 2022. It has been two long years and many people have lost too much.

“And I hope there is more transparency in our government and in the way they manage the country.

“It is important for the rakyat to be able to see improvements in this,” he said.

Noodle stall owner Voon Ewe Hoo, 56, said his wish would be for an economic recovery and for essential items to be cheaper.

“I think prices have generally risen in the past few months.

“It would be helpful to many businesses if the prices of goods are controlled or at least reviewed so they do not keep rising.

“This would help those of us in the B40 category far more than any one-off aid,” he added.

Another stall owner, Maisarah Abdullah, 44, is also looking towards a better economy.

“All of us have been battling this pandemic for the past two years in our own way and realistically, it does not seem like it will end soon.

“So I wish for an improved economy to help push all of us out of hard times and for some, out of poverty.

“This would be better since we all need to continue living our lives. And it would help to see some political stability,” she said.