BATU PAHAT: Leather hats with the classic cowboy look may not be familiar to some people in this country, but they still have their fans.

This has prompted an entrepreneur to produce hats that are suitable to be worn in a tropical or equatorial climate and to meet domestic demand.Giman WakiranGiman Wakiran

Giman Wakiran, 63, said he made the hats using cowhide as the primary material for comfort regardless of weather conditions.

“The design of my hats is inspired by the songkok and the Dutch style worn by British officials during colonial times.

“My hats come in two styles, the Johor and Dutch styles that provide more options for customers,” he told Bernama at his residence in Rengit recently.

Giman, fondly known as Mastor Tuah, who has been producing the leather hats since 2002, said the idea of producing the handcrafted headgear came after he had mistakenly bought a hat that was made of non-halal materials.

“It was difficult back then to find imported leather products that were sourced from halal materials.

“Therefore, I decided to do it myself using high-quality materials.

“I also provide my customers with multiple design options,” said Giman, the owner of Mastor Craft & Collection.

Giman said he managed to sell almost 10,000 hats at prices ranging from RM200 to RM800 depending on the grade.

Apart from the handcrafted hats, he also produces various types of leather accessories such as belts and sandals.