KUALA LUMPUR: Enforcing the ban on smoking and possession of tobacco products among those born after 2005 will be a challenge but the Health Minister says he is determined to get the law passed in Parliament.

Khairy Jamaluddin said the ministry was committed to ensuring that the proposed “Generational end game” plan in Malaysia was achieved.

“Let’s get the law passed in Parliament this July. Generational end game to smoking.

“Those born after 2005 will not be able to buy smoking products, ever.

“Yes, enforcement will be an issue and we will work hard on this. But let’s shut the door once and for all for our youth,” he said on Twitter and Instagram.

The proposed Tobacco and Smoking Control Act aims to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to those born after 2005.

This includes vape products.

If the law is passed, a person who turns 18 in 2023 will not be able to legally buy tobacco products.

Khairy first highlighted Malaysia’s plan during the 150th session of the World Health Organisation’s executive board meeting in Geneva recently.

The decision to introduce the smoking ban is to reduce the number of new smokers in the country, as tobacco has been identified as the cause of many cancer deaths in Malaysia.

The country is said to spend RM132.7mil annually to treat lung cancer caused by smoking.

Last month, Khairy said the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill was being finalised and that it should be tabled in the Dewan Rakyat in July.