PETALING JAYA: Inspired by the Perodua Myvi, which has been dubbed Malaysia’s “King of the Road”, a company here spent two months assembling 1.27 million plastic bricks to create a life-sized sculpture called MyBi.

Bryks Art said its creation was a tribute to Malaysia’s “boleh” or “can do” spirit.

Established in 2018, Bryks Art is a collective of artists that conceptualises, designs and builds its structures in-house.

The choice of the Myvi is apt as it is now an iconic vehicle here, with over a million units produced since the first generation was introduced in May 2005.

“It is for this reason that Bryks Art chose to debut its creativity, artistry and capabilities with the King of the Road,” Bryks Art said.

It added that the vehicle sculpture’s interior and exterior were built entirely out of brick elements except for the axles, wheels, tyres, speakers, mirrors and light bulbs.

“This is not our first life-sized vehicle. We have completed more and our creations are not limited to vehicles, though we are saving them for a bigger exhibition.

“That will be revealed in due time,” Bryks Art said when contacted.

It said 15 team members were tasked to build the MyBi sculpture.

“The process of building starts with design and engineering. Once we have verified that the sculpture is structurally sound, we will start with the building,” it said.

Design and engineering took up one-third of the process, with the rest spent on actual building.

“Both parts of the process are equally difficult and require meticulous effort.

“But building is more physically intense and requires more resources. The King of the Road took us about two months to build,” it said.

Bryks said the name MyBi was an abbreviation of the company’s full name – Malaysia Bryks Art, or MyBi for short.

It said its creation was a homage to Malaysia’s favourite little car, which it described as “always dependable, able and full of surprises”.

“The MyBi loves the limelight and will be providing audiences with a festive light and sound show throughout the exhibition,” it said.

The MyBi is being showcased at Bryks Art’s inaugural art exhibition at Kuala Lumpur’s Publika Shopping Gallery until 10pm today.

Other than the MyBi, there are also five other 1:4 scale model sculptures.