KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s best-known international shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo has always worn a dark suit and tie whenever he attends London Fashion Week.

But this year, he will be donning a songket jacket.

The event, to be held next month after a two-year hiatus, will be attended by famous brand designers and the international media.

“This is an anticipated show and I want to put on a specially designed songket jacket for the world to see.

“It is also a good time as Malaysia will be celebrating National Day and Malaysia Day,” he said.

Hand-woven in silk and cotton, the songket is intricately patterned with gold or silver threads.

Choo will be accompanied by Peony Sin, an up-and-coming fashion designer and a graduate of the prestigious London College of Fashion.

He has always regarded himself as a proud supporter of the songket as it is a part of Malaysian culture that was listed under Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2021.

Sin, a mentee of Choo, said she had been using the songket as a medium since her debut show in 2019.

“I wish to provide a new perspective to songket and I wish to see more formal wear with contemporary designs.

“We must wear songket proudly and confidentially,” she said.

She also expressed hope that the songket could be part of London Fashion Week one day, but said that “this baby step will give us the exposure for songket internationally.”

“One thing is for sure, we would like to make Malaysia proud as we celebrate two special occasions.”

London Fashion Week will be held from Sept 16-20 and besides the shows, there will be networking sessions and media interviews.