PUTRAJAYA: A special internal affairs committee has been formed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to detect and investigate officers suspected of involvement in criminal activities, says Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang.

The Anti-Corruption Advisory Board chairman said MACC was currently examining all aspects of its internal standard operating procedures related to integrity as part of an improvement in those areas and to avoid any such problems.

He added that the board was also satisfied with the action taken by MACC against its own officers in a recent high profile case.

“The MACC has implemented the maximum number of actions to ensure internal control over officers such as creating the MACC Anti-Corruption Plan (2021-2025) and MACC’s code of ethics and conduct as well as implementing several integrity strengthening programmes,” he told the media at the commission’s headquarters.

Abu Zahar also said that MACC guaranteed that it would not remain quiet on such matters.

These include monitoring any massive wealth accumulated among MACC officers, verifying the authenticity of asset declarations, conducting drug and ketum tests and viewing serious cases of high debts, as well as monitoring problematic officers as reported by the directors from divisions and states.

“In this matter, the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board will continue to monitor the latest development surrounding related issues to form a commission together with officers of high moral standing and integrity,” added Abu Zahar.

The committee, he said, was also responsible for identifying weaknesses and working procedures of the commission, aside from proposals and recommendations involving the working procedures of the MACC, he said.