PUTRAJAYA: Tan Sri Azam Baki and the Securities Commission (SC) are expected to meet next week over the use of the anti-graft chief’s trading account by his brother.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner said he already had an initial discussion with an SC official on the matter and was arranging for a video call to be done sometime next week.

“I will give my full cooperation to the SC. No issue on this. I will provide the documentations and information that it requires,” he told The Star yesterday.

Azam said he was aware that the revelation of his younger brother using his account to acquire shares had raised questions.

“It is best that we let the SC look into this first before I make further statements,” he said.

The SC said yesterday it would be in touch with Azam and other parties involved for an explanation, to verify statements and gather evidence pertaining to the use of his trading account by his brother.

In explaining the issue on Wednesday, Azam said his brother had borrowed his trading account to buy shares in the open market and financed the purchases on his own.

It involved a substantial amount of shares bought from Gets Global Bhd and Excel Force MSC Bhd between 2015 and 2016 when Azam was the MACC director of investigations.

Azam had also informed his superiors about the transactions back in 2015 and that he did not have any interest in the acquired shares. The shares were later transferred to his brother’s account.

The same explanation was given to the oversight body, the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board, when he was summoned to explain the matter on Nov 24.

Azam also said he had initiated legal proceedings against anti-corruption activist Lalitha Kunaratnam for defamation.

“As indicated at the press conference, I take a very serious view of the various false and malicious allegations made against me personally, my family and the MACC.

“As advised by my solicitors, I am now compelled to initiate legal proceedings against Ms Lalitha Kunaratnam for defamation in order to protect my good standing and professional reputation.

“I will not hesitate to commence legal proceedings against anyone else who spreads and makes similar false and malicious allegations against me or my family,” he said.

Lalitha, meanwhile has gone on Twitter to post the letter of demand.

“I have received a Letter of Demand from @SPRMMALAYSIA Chief Commissioner. Thanks,” wrote Lalitha, who goes by the Twitter handle @LalithaVelvet.