IPOH: The New Year always spells fresh hopes, and several non-governmental organisations here shared their diverse wishes for 2022.

Ipoh City Watch president Richard Ng said first on his list was for the nation to move into the Covid-19 endemic phase and the economy to recover by at least 70%.

With the general election expected to be held next year, he hopes voters will choose those who are people-centric, forward-thinking, can help bring the economy out of the doldrums and improve the well-being of the people.

“We need a government with a strong majority for stability and create jobs.

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the great flood recently are two incidents that should serve as a wake-up call for everyone to play their role in preserving our environment, keep our city clean and help reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

Ng, who is also an Ipoh City councillor, hopes missions planned by the Ipoh City Council will kick off in 2022 that include making Ipoh the Cleanest City by 2023, and Low Carbon and Smart City by 2030.

He also hopes the council will start working on the walkable city concept by upgrading existing walkways, and improve on it by planting more trees.

Family Wellness Club president P. Mangaleswary’s wish for 2022 is for the people to continue to show solidarity in adversity at all times, and in all issues or crises.

She hopes people will stand together against any mischievous attempts to divide the community.

“I hope that we will all see ourselves and treat each other as if we are all of one race – Bangsa Malaysia – and only then we will truly be Keluarga Malaysia,” she said.

“This pandemic has not been all bad, as there have been some positive sides to it. People have come together to help each other ride through tough lockdowns, and loss of jobs and business.

“During the devastating floods, ordinary people have stepped up to be heroes.”

Sahabat Alam Malaysia field officer Meor Razak Meor Abdul Rahman hopes the environment will be the main agenda of the Perak state government next year.

He said this direction would help the state achieve prosperity.

“In addition, I also hope the state government will establish good relations with environmental-based NGOs for the well-being of the environment,” he added.

Accountant R. Deviyah Daranee, 29, said her wish for New Year was to have a normal life again.

“Many have their lives on pause and stopping everything due to fear is not a realistic approach.

“With better medical research and technology, we will be able to push forward and experience life fully again,” she said.