A YOUNG family whose matching Hari Raya outfits all had a Hello Kitty motif drew the attention of many people at Cameron Highlands, Harian Metro reported.

Many visitors there on the fifth day of Hari Raya asked Syed Muhammad Shah Hasif Syed Othman, wife Fatin Syazwani Ishak and son Syed Muhammad Nouie Jaeden El-Alawi to take pictures with them.

According to Syed Muhammad Shah Hasif, he stitched the outfits using bedsheets.

“Apart from holidaying here, my wife and I planned to come here to take pictures during Hari Raya as it is not often that we get to wear matching clothes.

“Even though it is made from bedsheets, we are comfortable wearing them, plus the cool weather here (in Cameron’s) allows us to do so.

“We did not anticipate other people wanting to take pictures with us,” he said, adding that some people even thought their clothes were bridal outfits.

Earlier, it was reported that Syed Muhammad Shah Hasif garnered a lot of attention when he uploaded a video on TikTok of his family wearing outfits made from curtain material on the first day of Hari Raya.

> A social media user slamming a mother whose toddler was wearing shoes that emit squeaks sparked off a debate, Kosmo! reported.

On Twitter, the user said children who can walk do not need such shoes as they emit an irritating sound.

“If a child can walk already, there is no need for shoes that go ‘cot cet cot cet’.

“The whole mall can hear them running around.”

His comment drew various reactions, with some agreeing, while others said the complainant should just lighten up.

“I am sorry, but I put on those kinds of shoes so that I can know where my children are.

“Sometimes they like to play hide and seek.

“Sorry about it, but kids tend to go missing fast when we are not looking,” said Kinah.

“Pity the bleeding ears of those who have to bear with such sounds.

“The shoes are meant for parents to detect their child’s location.

“A child that age doesn’t understand the dangers outside when they are walking,” said Farwina.

“Don’t leave the house, sit in your cave if you don’t like people,” said Erin.

“There are so many things that make people unhappy these days.

“Every day, there is a new issue, this time about shoes,” said Lyn.