A 70-YEAR-OLD man is harvesting banana leaves to earn extra income to support himself and his 75-year-old wife.

“I shouldn’t be doing this at my age but due to increasing living expenses, I had to find an additional source of income with my wife also working as a babysitter,” Kosmo! quoted Mohd Yusuff Noon, who lives in Penang.

The former fisherman said he would harvest the leaves between three and four times a week, from morning till noon.

He could get at least 50kg of the leaves, which he would then sell at RM2 per kg.

Yusuff, who earns between RM400 and RM450 monthly from this, would make the deliveries to customers as well.

> Influencer Syed Muhammad Shah Hasif Syed Othman, 30, has brushed off criticism by netizens over his decision to wear matching outfits with his wife at a wedding, Harian Metro reported.

This comes after he uploaded a TikTok video, showing him and his wife wearing grey and yellow outfits which he made himself.

“There were some people questioning why I didn’t purchase ready-made clothes instead of wasting time sewing it myself,” he said, adding that his 24-year-old wife is pregnant with their second child and there are not many off-the-rack clothes which could fit her now.

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