A WOMAN from Sarawak was ridiculed online after posting an advertisement on social media seeking a man who “owns at least two properties”, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The 30-year-old from Sibu wrote that she earns between RM3,000 and RM5,000 and is seeking a boyfriend who has a “successful career and owns at least two properties”.

She added that the man must be at least 178cm tall, weigh between 55kg and 69kg, and be between 25 and 35 years old.

The woman, who said she is 160cm tall and weighs 57kg, also described herself as someone who enjoys watching movies and the occasional visit to cafes with friends.

The advertisement drew the ire of Internet users, many of whom questioned how many properties she herself owns.

“I have three properties – my kitchen, my study, and the atrium in my heart,” a netizen quipped.

> Taiwanese actor Darren Wang was spotted taking a stroll in Melaka with his Malaysian girlfriend, singer-actress Joey Chua, sparking speculation that they are getting serious about their relationship, reported China Press.

The general manager at the International Zheng He Research Academy recently uploaded a photo of the lovebirds walking hand in hand on Jonker Street.

“Exclusive! Captured a wild Darren Wang! He is on Melaka’s Jonker Street,” he wrote.

Wang, 31, and Chua, 28, were seen dressed in black without masks on.

A few days ago, the pair was spotted in Johor Baru, Chua’s hometown.

Wang is believed to be here to meet Chua’s family.

> Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan, who is busy shooting a TV series and film at the same time, admitted to overextending himself after suffering an injury on set, according to China Press.

The 36-year-old was accidentally punched in the nose during the filming of a fight scene on a beach in TVB’s new series Sense of an Alternate Dimension.

His co-star Nicholas Yuen actually landed a punch on Chan’s face, causing an injury to the bridge of the latter’s nose.

When interviewed later, Chan attributed it to a lack of rest as he was also filming for the movie Ultimate Revenge.

However, he was quick to add that being busy was a good thing, as he wanted to get the chance to do more work while he was young.

> Despite refusing to sing at a press conference in Malaysia, Hong Kong actress Sit Yeng Yi scored a deal to perform at a corporate event here earlier this month, China Press also reported.

The 39-year-old uploaded a video of her performing the Cantonese song Happy Every Year on Jan 9 amid cheers at what appeared to be a pre-Chinese New Year function in Malaysia.

Fans flooded the comments section with praise for her rendition and asked if she would be holding a meet-and-greet event here.

Previously, Sit had reportedly replied in Malay, “tak mahu”, when asked to sing at a press conference during a visit last September.

Sit was noted for her self-confidence when she was a wannabe Miss Asia. Despite not even passing the qualifying round of the pageant in 2021, she landed a contract with ATV later that year.

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