MALAYSIAN singer Gary Chaw (pic) and his wife Wu Shuling have put an end to their 14 years of marriage, reported Sin Chew Daily.

In a joint statement on Saturday, the pair said the divorce was an amicable one and they would take care of their two children together.

“This journey has many beautiful chapters but at the latter part, we lived without an understanding of each other.

“No one is at fault; both of us tried hard to work things out,” the statement read.

The pair, both 43, added that for now, their common goal was to take care of their children. “Please give us some privacy and space.”

It is believed that Chaw’s latest public outburst, which saw him yelling obscenities at other diners at a restaurant earlier this year, was the final straw for Wu, who has had enough of the singer’s drunken antics. The couple were reportedly not on speaking terms after a video of the incident went viral online.

Chaw, from Sabah, has been known for questionable behaviour in public.

In 2009, he was involved in a drunken brawl with Hong Kong singer Justin Lo. He then vowed to abstain from alcohol for a year.

> The public spat between Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei has escalated after the latter accused her of cheating during their marriage, reported China Press.

Wang, a businessman from China, dropped a bombshell claiming that Hsu was seeing her former lover-cum-current husband, South Korean singer Koo Jun-yup, and planned to get back with him in 2018.

Around that time, Hsu made Wang – whom she married in 2010 and divorced late last year – sign a supplementary agreement to their prenup, with “onerous terms”.

“The agreement forces me to pay money (alimony), forbids me from seeing my children and returning to our home in Taipei’s Songyong Road that I had bought. I was perplexed back then, but now I realise that the two of you got back together in 2018,” he wrote on Weibo.

Four months after divorcing Wang, Hsu tied the knot with Koo in March.