PETALING JAYA: The G25 commended all the Members of Parliament for unanimously voting to pass the anti-hopping Bill prohibiting them from party hopping in the future.

“This new law will stop making a mockery of the people’s choice, like what happened in the Sheraton Move two years ago in which several MPs caused the downfall of the democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government,” said the G25.

They said the law is a crucial step towards ensuring clean and fair elections in the eyes of Malaysians and international viewers.

“Other reforms are also needed to strengthen the country’s system of institutional transparency and integrity with high standards of governance,” said the G25, adding a private member’s Bill from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Political Financing submitted to the Speaker’s Office on regulating political donations should also be considered.

“We in G25 hope the Political Financing Bill will receive urgent attention in Parliament so that it can be passed without much delay.”