KUALA LUMPUR: The flood situation continued to improve in several states on Saturday (Dec 25) evening, with more flood evacuees returning home and the closure of several relief centres.

According to the Social Welfare Department’s InfoBencana app, 40,738 evacuees from 11,882 families are still housed in 257 relief centres in five states as of 6pm compared to 43,289 evacuees six hours earlier.

In SELANGOR, the number of evacuees dropped from 17,336 people in 90 centres at noon to 16,953 people from 4,752 families in 88 centres in the evening.

As of 4pm, the Selangor police announced that eight roads in eight district police headquarters (IPD) were still flooded and closed to vehicles.

The closed roads include Jambatan FT 31 Dengkil-Banting (Sepang IPD); Jalan Sungai Panjang-Tanjung Malim (Sabak Bernam IPD); Jalan Kuala Selangor-Bestari Jaya (Kuala Selangor IPD) and Jalan BRP 7/2 Bukit Rahman Putra (Sungai Buloh IPD) and Jalan Genting Peras-Kuala Klawang (Kajang IPD).

In addition, the bridge heading to Lapang Sasar, Subang is closed due to damage, along with Jalan PJU 7, in front of the Mutiara Damansara MRT station due to portholes (Petaling Jaya IPD) while Jalan Kuala Kubu Bharu-Bukit Fraser (Hulu Selangor IPD) heading to Peretak is now opened to light vehicles only.

In PAHANG, the flood situation has improved, with the last two relief centres in Lipis closing in the evening, after Raub and Jerantut districts were declared free from floods at noon on Saturday.

Bentong, Temerloh, Maran, Bera, Kuantan and Pekan districts, however, are still affected by floods, with 22,449 evacuees being housed in 156 centres.

The publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my website reported the water levels of Sungai Kundang and Sungai Pahang in Lubuk Paku in Maran and Sungai Bera in Bera were still at dangerous level but were showing a downward trend.

The Meteorological Department meanwhile announced that there would be no rain on Saturday night in Maran and Kuantan, but thunderstorms were expected in several areas in other districts.

In KELANTAN, the number of evacuees dropped to 685 people from 222 families as of 6pm on Saturday from 814 people from 258 families at noon. All evacuees are being housed in five centres in Pasir Mas.

In MELAKA, only 29 evacuees from nine families remain housed at Sekolah Kebangsaan Penghulu Benteng, in Jasin, the last centre to remain open after the closure of all relief centres in Alor Gajah.

Finally, in NEGRI SEMBILAN, the latest update on the InfoBencana app at 7am on Saturday showed 292 evacuees from 84 families were still housed at four centres in Jelebu.- Bernama