JEMPOL: A 72-year-old settler lost almost RM40,000 in a Macau scam here after somebody claiming to be a policeman accused him of being involved in drug trafficking.

Jempol OCPD Supt Hoo Chang Hook said the victim from Felda Gugusan Raja Alias received a call from a man first claiming to be from the Inland Revenue Board on May 7.

After talking to the victim, the suspect transferred the call to the “Kelantan police contingent”.

“A man claiming to be a police officer accused the victim of being involved in drug trafficking activities.

“The victim was also told that he would be arrested soon,” Supt Hoo said in a statement yesterday.

He added that the settler was instructed to withdraw his savings and to transfer the money to another account while he was being investigated.

The victim then transferred RM4,500 into the account on the same day and another RM4,500 two days later. On May 10, he transferred another RM30,000.

“The victim was also told to throw away all the bank receipts,” said Supt Hoo, adding that the victim then lodged a report upon realising that he had been duped.