SHAH ALAM: As one family heaved a sigh of relief that their loved ones were in the clear, another family walked out of the courtroom feeling dejected.

Cradle Fund chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan’s siblings, Dr Abdul Aziz and Che Elainee, told reporters that they want to know what had led to their brother’s death.

“We want efforts to continue to seek justice. This is not a simple matter as no one seems to know anything and he is suddenly dead,” said Dr Abdul Aziz.

According to Dr Abdul Aziz, there were many unanswered questions revolving around Nazrin’s death.

He added that they urged the prosecution to appeal High Court Judge Datuk Ab Karim Ab Rahman’s decision.

“We won’t formally request the prosecution to do so, but if they don’t, I will personally ask for an inquest to be carried out to find out how he died,” said Dr Abdul Aziz.

Che Elainee said she accepted the court’s decision and is leaving the rest to God.

“We are not going after anyone or wanting anyone to be sent to the gallows.

“We want the truth, that’s all,” said a teary-eyed Che Elainee.

Che Elainee manages a Facebook page titled “Memories of my Beloved brother, arwah Ying-Nazrin Hassan” where she shares her sorrow and despair over her youngest brother’s untimely demise.