HULU LANGAT: Two elderly sisters spent 10 hours on the roof of their home waiting out the floods with their four cats and an unexpected companion — a python.

Asiah Osman, 63, said water began to rise at Kampung Sungai Lui at about 7pm on Dec 18.

“My foster son managed to bring the car and motorcycle to higher ground but when he attempted to return to the house, the water current was strong and began to rise rapidly,” she said. He managed to hold on to a nearby tree and climbed to safety, she added.

Asiah and her 62-year-old sister resorted to going up to the roof, bringing along their four cats.

“However, when we got to the roof, we were shocked to see a python already seeking shelter there,” she said.

She resorted to striking a “bargain” with the reptile.

“I told the python to stay on one end of the roof, while we remained at the other end,” she quipped.

Miraculously, the snake did not harm any of them. It slithered off once the floodwater receded at about 5am, she said.

“We had to do everything to survive as other villagers could not reach us due to the floods,” she said when met during the General Operations Force’s post-flood operation yesterday.

The retired Bank Negara employee said she has been living in the house for 40 years.

“It is the first time a flood of such magnitude occurred at the village.”

The floods had traumatised her greatly.

“I would pack up and leave the village if heavy rain lasts more than two hours,” she said.