JOHOR BARU: The RM2.3bil fund allocated through Budget 2023 to carry out upgrading works at schools nationwide should be dispersed quickly without the hassle of bureaucracy.

Schools in the country, especially mission schools, needed urgent funds to improve their infrastructure, which would benefit the students, said Johor English Language Teaching Association president Vincent D’Silva.“Mission schools do not get a lot of government funding to carry out upgrades at their buildings.

“Most of these schools have been around since before Malaysia gained its independence but have seen little improvement on their premises.

“These schools are in dilapidated condition and in need of urgent funding to carry out urgent upgrading works,” he said, adding that there were 16 mission schools in Johor alone.

He also suggested that the government look into the lengthy process that schools must go through in order to receive funds designated for renovations.

“Just cut the red tape as it is becoming a hassle for the schools in getting the fund, which is meant for them in the first place,” D’Silva added.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Education Concorde Organisation (Me’didik) chairman Mohd Ridhwan Othman welcomes the announcement that the Education Ministry would be getting a bigger allocation.

“Improving schools to be more OKU friendly to special needs students will ensure that no one will be left behind in our education system.

“Education is an important tool as it will determine the progress of a country and its citizens. The Prime Minister wants to emphasise this through the ministry’s allocation,” he added.

He said merging teaching and learning with technology should have been done a long time ago and should be accessible to all schools, including those in rural areas.

Mohd Ridhwan said with the country moving towards a 5G network, technology should be incorporated within the education system to make teaching and learning better for teachers and students.