A MOTORIST in Johor and his passenger sparked outrage online after they were filmed forcing their dog to walk alongside a moving car with its leash held through the window, reported Sin Chew Daily.

In the video, the dog, which had its leash held by a person in the front passenger seat, appeared to be struggling to keep up with the moving vehicle.

According to the man who uploaded the video, it was his relative who filmed the incident at Taman Sri Skudai while in a ride-sharing vehicle.

“My relative stopped them. The (owners) came down from their car and let the dog go before driving away.

“The residents nearby even came out of their houses to check on the dog,” he said.

The video uploader has made a police report and hoped that the perpetrators will be punished for animal cruelty.

The video went viral online, with many Internet users criticising the act and urging for action to be taken against the two for animal cruelty.

> A divorced couple in China rekindled their love after spending 20 days stuck at home during a lockdown and is expected to tie the knot again soon, reported Sin Chew Daily.

According to local press, the woman visited her son at her ex-husband’s house in Shanghai but got stuck under the same roof with them for nearly a month due to local lockdowns.

The man shared a video online of his ex-wife exercising at his house and declared that they will get married again.

“This is the woman who inadvertently got stuck in this house after visiting her kid.

“We’ve lived together for more than 20 days and we are prepared to get married again once the pandemic ends,” she said.

When interviewed, the woman, who appeared to be embarrassed, told reporters that it was her ex-husband who had proposed.

She added that she was not against the idea of getting hitched again but was still considering the matter.

Even her younger sister supported the idea of the pair getting back together.

“This man is still okay. If they can get along, it means they can get along. They’re both adults!” she said.

The heartwarming story went viral on Chinese social media, with many Internet users rooting for the two.

“It’s been so many years and yet neither of you got remarried. It could mean you are fated to meet again.

“This time, cherish each other,” one netizen wrote.

The couple had filed for divorce six years ago.

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