KUALA LUMPUR: The Council of Dato and Datuk Malaysia (MDDM) has handed details of people using fake titles and awards to the police.

Council president Datuk Awalan Abdul Aziz said they hope the police will support stricter and more comprehensive action in ensuring the Offences Relating to Awards Act (Act 787) is fully enforced nationwide.

Under Act 787, action can be taken against individuals’ fake or unrecognised titles and awards or for organising activities and events bestowing such titles.

They can be punished with a fine of up to RM500,000 and jailed for up to 20 years.

Awalan said MDDM would work closely with the police and other enforcement authorities to weed out those who use fake titles to mislead the public.

“It is a serious offence as it amounts to cheating and is an affront to our rulers,” he said.

He said that based on information from the public, they would investigate any claim and lodge a police report.

“Some of these people have become very open and bold, but we hope they stop before the council and authorities act against them,” he added.

MDDM representatives recently met Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman here.

Vice-presidents Datuk Iskandar Abdul Malek and Dato Sri Mohd Amim, secretary-general Datuk Samson Maman, treasurer Datuk Michael Kang and exco member Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood were among them.

Awalan said he was pleased with the meeting with Razarudin.