PUTRAJAYA: Certain categories of chicken will now be allowed to be exported, says the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry.

Chicken that can be exported are black chicken, ayam kampung (free-range chicken), all chicken-based products and parent stock day-old chick.

“This decision came following discussions between the ministry, industry players and poultry breeders associations,” it said in a statement.

The ministry, however, said the export ban for commercial broilers, whole chicken, chicken parts and day-old chicks remains.

Recently, the government imposed a ban on chicken export, effective June 1, to resolve the issue of chicken shortage.

“Export consignments for the commodity must be properly managed by permit holders.

“Any breaches of the special permission will be dealt with severely as the government views such violation seriously,” it said.

The ministry added that it would continue to monitor domestic chicken supply which is seeing a recovery.

The situation is expected to stabilise next month.