PUTRAJAYA: The alleged “bully doctors” will remain in Penang Hospital while two different bodies investigate claims of bullying culture and the death of a houseman, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

The Health Minister said the ministry’s integrity unit as well as a task force, whose members would be named today, would carry out their own probe into the case.

Khairy also confirmed to have received the names of five alleged “bully doctors”.

“Yes, I have received and seen the names of the doctors and specialists,” he said after attending the International Nurses Day celebration yesterday.

On whether those said to be involved would be temporarily transferred while investigations were ongoing, Khairy said it would not be an easy process.

“The names sent to me involved specialists, so it is not easy to carry out a transfer.

“For now, they will continue to work at the hospital while the probe is being conducted,” he said.

On the task force, the minister said the list of members would be announced along with its terms of reference.

“I will not be chairing the task force. It will be independent. Details will be announced tomorrow (today),” he said.

On April 17, a 25-year-old houseman with Penang Hospital died, following a fall from his rented apartment unit in Jalan Datuk Keramat, George Town.

The houseman had been posted to the hospital on April 4.

Following the incident, Khairy said a task force would be set up to investigate the case.

Assuring the public that investigations would be carried out fairly and transparently, the minister said it would take a few weeks for the authorities to carry out the probe as it involved serious allegations of bullying and unprofessional work culture.

“The investigation will involve interviews with the complainants, the doctors and specialists who are being accused of bullying.

“So let us allow the officers at the integrity unit and the task force to investigate and present their findings first before any action is taken,” he said.

On another matter, Khairy described a circular posted on the ministry’s website as a “normal directive” to remind civil servants, including those working at the ministry that only those authorised to make public statements could do so.

“It is not just about this (bullying) case but covers all issues,” he said.

On its bulletin board in its homepage, the ministry reminded its staff that they were barred from making public statements.

In the notice, it highlighted Rule 19(1) of the Rules and Regulations (Behaviour and Discipline), which says that civil servants should not make any statement that could be detrimental to the government.