PETALING JAYA: A man managed to outbid seven others to secure 39 pieces of furniture and household appliances belonging to cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat at her house in Jalan Polo, Kota Damansara, for RM132,000. But the mystery man, identified as Mohammad Syazwan Ahmad Fiesol, vanished without a trace soon after the auction ended.

Under the pretext of getting a bank draft, the successful bidder did not return to the venue to pay for the items.

Lawyer Nurul Hafidzah Hassan told mStar that the man never showed up again after the public bidding.

As a result, she said another auction would have to be carried out the following week.

“The man claimed that he left his money at home, so we asked him to give us a bank draft first.

“We waited but he was nowhere to be seen.

“It only takes a short while to get a bank draft. We suspect that the bidder is someone known to Nur Sajat,” she said.

Nurul Hafidzah also said the man had not signed any documents and believed that he was present to delay the bidding process.

A total of 39 pieces of furniture and household appliances belonging to Nur Sajat were auctioned yesterday, with the bid starting at RM75,000.

Among the items were sofa sets, dining table sets, bedroom sets, air conditioners, washing machines and a grand piano.

This came following an order by the Shah Alam High Court to seize the assets belonging to Nur Sajat whose birth name is Muhammad Sajjad Kamarul Zaman.

All seized assets are to be auctioned off to recover RM200,000 in damages as Nur Sajat had failed to pay her stockist OWA Resources Sdn Bhd.

According to lawyer Zeti Zukifili, the bidding process was carried out six times, which involved eight bidders before it was reduced to three.

The bidding process began at around 10.30am yesterday.

The bidders had to prepare RM5,000 in cash before they were allowed to enter the double-storey bungalow at No 2, Jalan Polo 10/3 in Kota Damansara.

The businesswoman is believed to have relocated to Australia after being granted asylum.

She sold off her businesses in Malaysia to start life anew there.

Nur Sajat, 36, is said to be on the run from the authorities after a blasphemy charge was levelled against her for dressing as a woman.

She was reportedly detained and fined by Thai authorities for having an invalid passport.

Upon her release, she sought asylum through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Nur Sajat also alleged that she was molested by enforcement officers while in detention earlier this year.