PUTRAJAYA: The latest attack against him was meant to erode public trust on the anti-graft body that has been working hard in its fight against corruption, claims Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Tan Sri Azam Baki.

Aware of public concerns over issues involving the MACC of late, the chief commissioner acknowledged that it had somewhat stripped its work and success in curbing corruption.

He also acknowledged that the attacks against him and the commission could be due to its anti-corruption actions.

“Perhaps this is the case. We do our job and we take action against people irrespective of their positions, and this may have angered some.

“I have served the agency for 37 years and I believe that I have made my fair share of enemies as well as friends.

“Maybe there are people who don’t like that we are doing our job,” he said.

The session with the media yesterday kicked off with Anti-Corruption Advisory Board chairman Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang presenting an overview of its observations on MACC’s activities over the past year and that Azam would be present later to address the media.

When Abu Zahar was done with his question and answer session, Azam entered the auditorium, spoke and took several questions from the press.

To a question, Azam said he did not know the true agenda behind the attack against him but believed it was an attempt to smear his name and the good name of the MACC.

He said he would also be taking legal action against those who tarnished his reputation as well as that of the commission.

When asked about the individuals whom he would take legal action against, Azam replied: “She will know soon” and did not rule out the possibility of a similar action being taken against a blog.

“I am aware and humbled that this is among the challenges that almost all MACC chief commissioners have to face.

“I hereby give my pledge and commitment to carry out the duties and responsibilities that have been entrusted to me during my tenure as the MACC chief commissioner to the best of my ability

“I will continue to lead the organisation so that it becomes a body that is professional in its actions, that is credible and of high integrity,” he said.