In an era of tremendous volatility, the need to change the status quo becomes even more pressing. Not just in terms of adapting to emerging technologies but new leadership values as well.
For that reason, Hakuhodo Malaysia is delighted to announce the promotion of Kiew Yen Nie from Senior Account Director to General Manager. Her youthful dynamism and drive is fortified by her vast experience in branding and communication – covering ATL to BTL, event management, digital transformation and corporate branding.
With the pandemic inflicting disruption like never before, turning lifestyles and livelihoods upside down, and inside out, most brands are struggling to find their bearings. When asked about the challenges of building connections with consumers now, she emphasized the importance of Hakuhodo’s philosophy – “sei-katsu-sha,” which respects the consumer as a person with a heartbeat, “Evolving our mindset is crucial to adapt to the constant change of sei-katsu-sha’s behaviour. Having this dexterity is key in developing convincing and endearing campaigns in this day and age.”
Yen Nie’s journey with Hakuhodo started in 2013. Besides mobile and F&B, she has a long history working with automotive clients. Interestingly, in 2017, she was seconded to Toyota’s marketing team for 2 years handling product integrated launch campaigns and led the Toyota Gazoo event. This experience has deepened her understanding of clients’ business needs and internal workings.
In 2019, she joined the fraternity of Hakuhodo’s think tank, HILL ASEAN (Institute of Life and Living ASEAN) where she researched and gained insights on lifestyle behaviours. Yen Nie’s leadership will bring about creative thinking for new brand experiences. And a brand is only as good as the people who steer it. Ryusuke Oda, Hakuhodo’s Managing Director commented, “In this era of rapid change, I look forward to seeing Hakuhodo’s young leaders use their Creativity to lead our clients’ businesses to success.”
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