Sony Inzone H3 Malaysia

Sony just revealed its Inzone range of gaming peripherals, which includes three gaming headsets and two 27-inch monitors. We mentioned that the company intends to make a local announcement on 2 July. But it looks like, at least for the three headsets, their prices are already listed on the Sony Malaysia website.

Starting with the Sony Inzone H3, the entry level model of the series, this is listed on Sony Malaysia as being priced at RM439. Oddly enough, there’s a buy button that you can hit, if you feel so inclined. It also notes that the fabric covering the earpads are of the nylon variety.

Sony Inzone H7 Malaysia
Source: Sony Malaysia.

Then there’s the Sony Inzone H7. You could consider it the mid-range option of the series, but the price jump from the H3 model is pretty substantial. On the Sony Malaysia website, it is listed as having a price of RM1099. Like the prior model, you could buy it now if you feel like you want to do so. In addition to the nylon earcups, the page also states that 10 minute of charging can give the headset 60 minutes of game time. It also allows for charging while in use.

And finally, we come to the top-of-the-line model, the Sony Inzone H9. The price of this headset is being listed as RM1299. But it is also the only one that you can’t buy immediately. The button to do so is replaced with a “Notify Me” button instead. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that all three headsets will be configurable on PC with the Inzone Hub.

Sony Inzone H9 Malaysia
Source: Sony Malaysia.

If you’re looking to get any of the monitors, though, you’re out of luck, at least for now. Neither Inzone monitor model is listed on the Sony Malaysia website, let alone their prices or the option to buy or be notified when they become available.

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