Wordle was be web-based word game that took the internet by storm late last year. It would then be bought by news giant The New York Times last month, to the tune of a seven-figure sum. But since then, it looks like the game is now loaded with third-party ad trackers.

Software engineer and architect Ben Adida shared this discovery on Twitter, showing the way Wordle’s new owner is deploying the game. Now that the game has been relocated to the news company’s own website, it is also free to add the usual sort of trackers that collect user data that is later presumably sold to third parties.

It should not be surprising that an explosively popular web-based game that’s owned by a major corporation has ad trackers. After all, it’s one way The New York Times can recoup its massive purchase, and possibly also make money once that is done. After all, the game has remained free for all to play, where other games owned by the news company is locked behind a subscription.

Still, it’s certainly something to keep in mind, especially if you’re particularly concerned about this sort of thing. And don’t be surprised if you get more ads related to The New York Times if you’re still actively playing Wordle.

(Source: Ben Adida / Twitter via Metro)

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