Two new upcoming and interesting WhatsApp features have been discovered in the latest beta build of the app, courtesy of WABetaInfo. These include a new split-view function which will be very useful for tablet devices, as well as the ability to mute calls from unknown callers.

For years already, it’s been known that Meta’s popular messaging platform has been severely lacking in proper support for tablet-based devices, especially when it comes to its interface. Hopefully this would significantly change with the upcoming split-view feature which provides a UI that’s friendlier for larger screens.

As seen from the screenshots provided by WABetaInfo, the new split-view look is technically not a new interface. For the uninitiated, this UI is basically the same, if not similar to the one used for the desktop and web versions of the messaging platform, which fully utilises the landscape orientation. More specifically, contacts are situated on the left half of the screen, while currently active chats are located on the right – both of which can be operated separately.

WhatsApp beta split-view mute silence unknown callers features
Image: WABetaInfo

It’s not known whether split-view is only applicable to tablets, or if it works on smartphones as well. Regardless, its upcoming introduction will be a significant quality of life improvement that’s very much welcomed.

The second useful feature being tested in the latest beta build of WhatsApp is Silence Unknown Callers, which – as implied by its name – allows you to automatically mute calls from those who are not included in your contacts list. These will still be shown in the Calls list and notifications for you to review later.

WhatsApp beta split-view mute silence unknown callers features
Image: WABetaInfo

The ability to mute voice calls on WhatsApp have actually been around for a while, which you can activate via the app’s Settings. This particular feature merely adds on to the existing function, enabling you to only silence those coming from unknown sources, working as a safety measure against potential scam calls.

Both of these are currently in development and testing. As with most new features in the beta builds, it’s not known when WhatsApp plans to release them on the public version of its app.

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