A video clip of what is allegedly a full-sized, physical unit of an Intel ARC Alchemist graphics card, recently found its way on to the internet. The video was first posted on Twitter via an Ayxerious (@ayxerious) and currently serves as one of the most detailed looks we’ve had of the chipmaker’s unreleased card, to date.

The clip itself is very short but based on what we’re seeing, there are several points that we can surmise about the supposed ARC card. Firstly, the box in which the user received it seems to be generic-looking, complete with the standard hard foam inside for the card’s protection. Further into the video, we can see that the card’s back is devoid of a backplate and that the PCB is actually shorter than the total length of its cooling solution; its heatsink can be seen over-extending past its cooling subject.

Around the front, we get a brief glance of the dual-fan configuration, complete with the Intel branding on top of each fan’s rotating point. For ports, the card seems to be fitted with what we’re guessing are two DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.1 ports. Beyond that, there are no further details about the card. However, a photo of the alleged card’s rear posted by Bionic Squash (@SquashBionic) – based on the pictures, we can safely assume that the image in both the image and short clips are one and the same – shows that the PCB is fitted with is likely to be eight GDDR6 memory chip, although we are not certain of the capacity.

With Intel’s ARC Alchemist expected to launch this year, it is only normal that the frequency of these leaks are expected to increase, at least until the new GPU series has officially made its debut. So, with that having been said, do apply skepticism.

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