Physical prepaid card is quite useful for those who want to purchase digital goods such as in-game items or streaming service subscriptions without using their credit or debit card. 7-Eleven Malaysia has offered quite a number of them over the years and has recently added Riot Game Prepaid Gift Card into its list.

The prepaid gift card comes in two denominations including RM40 and RM70. Once you purchase the card, it can be redeemed through the Prepaid Cards & Codes section within the Store tab of the Valorant game client.

Riot Games Gift Card alongside other gift cards for PlayStation, Roblox, Netflix, and Spotify at 7-Eleven in Northpoint, Mid Valley City.

As for Legends of Runeterra, just choose the Prepaid Cards as the payment method for the in-game store to start the redemption process. There is a small print on the front part of both RM40 and RM70 cards which said that users would receive bonus currency when they redeem these cards.

Previously, the well-known convenience store chain has also sold prepaid cards for Roblox, Google Play, PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Store. You can purchase cards for Netflix, Spotify, Joox, and Zalora there as well.

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