Unifi Mobile SIM Card - Feb 2023

At the end of October 2022, TM has begun to provide 5G access to Unifi Mobile customers. Those who were on the postpaid track are able to connect to 5G by obtaining the unlimited 5G pass under the Ultimate Plan although this will soon come to an end.

As you may be able to recall, the telco has recently revamped its postpaid offering with the brand-new UNI5G Postpaid Plans. The FAQ document for these plans [pdf] noted that with the launch of these new postpaid options, TM has decided to discontinue the existing 4G-only Unifi Postpaid plans.

unifi mobile uni5G 5G unlimited prepaid postpaid pass
Unifi Mobile Ultimate Plan, as captured on Unifi’s website back in October 2022.

At that time, we thought that only applies to the four postpaid plans which were known as the Value Plans. As it turned out, the same goes for the Ultimate Plan as well, based on several screenshots that were shared by Twitter user @aniq8676 which depicted several conversations with Unifi customer service:

In order to use 5G starting from March 2023 onwards, Unifi Mobile customers have to subscribe to any of the three new UNI5G plan instead which is something that has been confirmed by TM’s representatives to Lowyat.NET. This is because the current unlimited 5G pass for the Ultimate plan is only valid until the end of February 2023.

For those who want to obtain the same service level as per Ultimate plan which has unlimited data and calls as well as 10GB of hotspot data, they have to sign up for the UNI5G 89 plan. Unlike its predecessor though, the UNI5G 89 customers have to pay for SMS though at a rate of 15 sen per SMS.

UNI5G Postpaid Plans - Feb 2023
The new lineup of UNI5G Postpaid plans, as captured on their FAQ document [pdf] at 8:45 PM today.

At the moment, TM has yet to unveil the availability date for the UNI5G 89 plan. The same also goes for the UNI5G Supplementary 39 and device add-on for UNI5G 89 although we believe that all three offerings will be made available at the same time since they are related to each other.

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