U Mobile Prepaid Unlimited 5G Weekends

Starting immediately, U Mobile Prepaid customers will be able to tap into the 5G network without any limit during the weekend. At the same time, the telco has announced a new addition to its prepaid line-up called U40.

Just like the existing implementation, customers need to redeem a pass in order to utilize 5G. Available through the MyUMobile app, the pass is called Unlimited 5G Weekends and can be redeemed on weekly basis.

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As for the data quota, all U Mobile Prepaid plans currently comes with “unlimited” data but of course, they do have a monthly hard cap as stipulated under the telco’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Specifically, the FUP for Prepaid U25 was set at 30GB while Prepaid U35 and Prepaid U40 have a FUP limit of 100GB each.

Speaking about the new Prepaid U40 plan which costs RM40 per month, it is almost identical to the existing Prepaid U35 plan as it also offers “unlimited” data with a 6Mbps speed cap. However, the Prepaid U40 has something extra in the form of unlimited hotspot quota although the speed is still limited to 6Mbps and do note that the FUP limit we have mentioned above is also inclusive of hotspot usage.

U Mobile Prepaid 5G
[Image: U Mobile.]

Once users breached the FUP limit of their U Mobile Prepaid plan, their speed will be reduced to 512kbps until the next plan renewal. Meanwhile, U Mobile Prepaid customers can still utilize 5G during weekdays by redeeming the Daily Speed Booster pass from the MyUMobile app although their speed will only be unlocked for just one hour per day.

Alternatively, they can also purchase the 5G Daily and Weekly Plans which would allow them to have access to 5G speed throughout the day or week. For the 5G Daily Plan, customers would receive 1GB and 5GB quota for RM3 and RM6, respectively while the 5G Weekly Plan which is inclusive of a 10GB quota is priced at RM12.

U Mobile Prepaid 5G
[Image: U Mobile.]

If you prefer to have direct access to U Mobile 5G service instead of having to redeem passes on a daily and weekly basis, you may want to consider the telco’s Postpaid plans instead. With a data quota of up to 1TB (that’s 1000GB in case you are not sure), U Mobile Postpaid plans are available in three options with a starting price of RM38 per month.

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