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Being able to edit tweets is a feature that many of the platform’s users have been asking for, and for awhile at that. Back in April, word was that the company has been working on adding the feature “in a safe manner”. The company also said that Twitter Blue users would be the first to get it. Now, the company says that these premium users will start getting the ability to edit their tweets later this month.

The official post on the matter goes into a bit more detail, but the major takeaway here is that tweets can only be edited within the first 30 minutes after tweeting. These edited tweets will also come with an icon and a label to indicate the fact, as well as a timestamp to tell when it happened. Hitting said label will show other users the edit history, revealing what the original tweet was before it was edited.

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Said official post also says that tweets will be able to be edited “a few times” within said 30 minutes. But it is unclear if there is an actual limit to the number of times a tweet can be edited.

As mentioned earlier, Twitter Blue users will be the first to be getting access to this feature, which is happening later this month. This testing phase will also be localised to a single country at first and expanded as it goes on. No specifics on the country in question, the start date of the test and when it will be expanding to other countries.

The company says it hopes that with the availability of the Edit Tweet feature, using the microblogging platform will “feel more approachable and less stressful”. Though it’s probably fair to say that, with or without the feature, the platform will always have its unique flavour of stress either way.

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