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TM is a renowned icon for Malaysians. Many of us grew up with the company permeating in the background of our daily lives. Indeed, its genesis can be traced all the way back to 1946 – 76 years ago!

That being said, some point to 1987 as the beginning of modern TM, when the government decided to privatise the then Talikom Malaysia Department. This then led to the creation of Syarikat Telekom Malaysia (STM), which three years later was simplified to Telekom Malaysia, following its listing on Bursa Malaysia.

Jabatan Telekom Logo
Jabatan Telekom’s logo. [Image: Khairul Hazim / Wikimedia Commons.]

To better represent its youthful customer base, the name TM was adopted in 2005 replete with the current very familiar logo. Even though the company has been with us for so long, many of us probably have not looked into TM’s inner workings.

For example, how many of us are actually aware of TM’s full role, beyond just providing landlines and Internet for home, office and smartphones? Truth be told, TM is not just an  Internet or mobile service provider. As Group CEO, Imri Mokhtar pointed out in his inaugural write-up for the company’s corporate blog: “TM is evolving to become a Human-Centred Tech company,”.

TM Blog
TM’s spanking new blog.

TM launched its own blog to share and discuss insights into industry trends, new ideas and TM’s inner workings and aims as the company advances to execute its real mission: digitalising Malaysia!

Taking just one example, the Group CEO shares his personal take on how TM supported the Ministry of Education’s daunting task of seamlessly delivering SPM results in 2021. While it may sound mundane, ensuring that more than 400,000 students receive their SPM results virtually during a lockdown was still challenging. TM ramp up and boost MoE’s servers to face the possible task of handling more than three million requests at the same time.

TM’s Group CEO, Imri Mokhtar.

TM’s blog is not about pushing products. Instead, it promises a wide portfolio to dive into digital transformation, a phrase used by many different voices for different purposes. The aim is to move beyond any hype, and to discuss market trends and technologies that are reshaping society, businesses and governments. Simply put, the blog is to share and discuss top insights about practically adopting cutting-edge technology: what this will mean to people – and how it will help enrich everyday life for Malaysians and strengthen the future of our country.

It’s a chance to hear what the senior guys have to say about their areas of interest and expertise, get a real sense of the business & market as well as to chart the journey of what it takes to transform TM from a Telco to a TechCo. This is a timely, and essential move as the world becomes increasingly digitalised.

Whether you want to better understand how network technology affects your broadband experience in the home, the making of digital talent, what 5G really means for us, or putting the sexy back in the wholesale business, the TM Blog will be you the one-stop, go-to spot to really deep dive, and keep up to date with the global fast-paced, evolving telco, and digital industry. With the digital economy now positioned as the main engine of today’s economies across the world, we need to stay in the vanguard of the digital revolution!

The long and the short of is that TM’s blog provides an open, new perspective into one of the biggest technology companies in Malaysia. It’s a great place to drop in and learn something – and to also to become part of the conversation of how we can advance Digital Malaysia together!

This story is brought to you by TM.

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