Back near the end of last year, we reported about how some daring thieves planned and executed a heist, breaking into a delivery truck filled with EVGA-branded GeForce RTX 30 series graphics card, while en route from San Fransisco to Southern California. Now, months after the incident, the stolen cards have seemingly resurfaced on the other side of the world, inside a Vietnamese retail store.

Based on a Facebook post by Vietnamese Gaming Drama, several gamers who had purchased the cards were in for a surprise when they discovered that the products were part of the stolen shipment from the US heist, while they were checking the warranties. As a recap, almost immediately after the incident, EVGA put a serial numbers list of the stolen cards, along with a warning that anyone in possession said cards would be able to register their warranty, nor would it honour any warranty for the stolen component.

As for the Vietnamese retailer, it reportedly sold the stolen goods with a one-month warranty, which is apparently the status quo for any graphics cards that are sold under the table in Vietnam. According to KitGuru, an RTX 3080 Ti under the brand sells for around the average price here in Malaysia, which is just short of RM7500.

(Image source: Facebook.)

Regardless of price, it is unlikely that the cards will ever be returned to EVGA, especially now that they’ve somehow made it out of the US.

(Source: Vietnamese Gaming Drama via KitGuru)

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