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The Steam Deck is probably the most talked about handheld gaming PC around, even if there have been plenty of competition that have sprung up. It has also done well enough that Valve has promised to make sequels, according to a digital booklet that the company has published.

This booklet is simply known as the Steam Deck Booklet, and you can give it a read for yourself via the link to it at the end of this article. At the very end of the booklet, Valve says that “In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvement sand iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market”. The company goes as far as to call its handheld gaming PC a “multi-generational product line”, with promises of new versions to be “even more open and capable than the first version”.

Steam Deck carrying case
Source: Valve.

Naturally, to go with more versions of the handheld gaming PC means newer versions of the SteamOS. The company is also pledging to support both of these “well into the foreseeable future”. There was also the promise of replacing Big Picture mode with the Steam Deck UI, which hasn’t happened yet.

To sum it up, the booklet is essentially a short history lesson, which covers the background of Valve as a company, an overview of Steam, and the story of the Steam Deck itself, with pictures of prototypes. It has also published in conjunction with the handheld gaming PC launching in four new markets, of which Malaysia is still not a part of.

Steam Deck UI
(Image source: Valve.)

On one hand, it’s pretty exciting to know that the Steam Deck will eventually be getting a sequel, whenever that may be. But on the other, it can understandably be pretty difficult to get excited about a sequel of a product that isn’t even made available here.

(Source: Steam via TechRadar)

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